Concept and philosophy

Our school was founded based on the love for swimming From the beginning my ultimate goal was to create the team of professionals, that based on their experience and passion would effectively transfer the knowledge and skills to both young and adult students.

Today we employ professional swim teachers with pedagogical and sport background that is competent to plan and carry out swim lessons with lots of fun for our students. At the same time we constantly improve our program to maximize the effectiveness of the lessons and to make the time spent in water even more enjoyable.

We have earned the trust of hundreds of parents and hundreds of students, who wanted to improve their swimming skills. The satisfaction of our clients is our highest priority and we proud ourselfs in working hard to achieve this goal.

Professional swim teachers with pedagogical and sport background



Anna Maria Hafen is from any early age a passionate athlete. She made that passion to her profession, studied sport science with Master Degree summa cum laude. With her pedagogical experience she can help to teach a lot of humans being to make perfect and safe swimmers.


  • Sport scientist (MSc)
  • Swim trainer (Class II)
  • Water lifeguard (Brevet Pool & BLS)
  • Tennis instructor
  • Athletics instructor
  • Gymnastics instructor
  • Aqua-fitness trainer

  • German
  • English
  • Polish

  • Yoga
  • Sailing
  • Travel